My first 3D print

Having access to a 3D printer I created my first model for printing to get myself familiar with the working pipeline. I modelled a 3D version of british electronic musician and composer Aphex Twin's logo as a gift for a friend.

My plan for the logo was to be tied together with a string in order to resemble a mobile or some kind of dream catcher.
After creating a simple polygon mesh consisting of quads (I kept the model in line with what I am used to work with for animation) I exported it into the .obj format. The key to getting a print-ready file is to pay special attention to the export options.


Reading my data from a SD memory card, the Ultimaker 2 heated up and quickly began materializing my digital model.


After three and a half hours of working the printer finished the job. The result is very satisfying, even though I only printed on medium quality settings.


Proof that the units were right and my scaling was precise: