Short and good – Kurzhörspiele

In the course Short and good I produced three audio plays based on scripts by anonymous participants of the literature contest of Westfalen 2012 – with the overall theme Shortcuts.

The task was to very freely interpret their works and wrap them into short artistic dramas. The course was organized so that every script had multiple students assigned making an audio play out of it – in the end every text had two (very different) interpretations. Finally, all plays were presented in a gala evening in the Westfalian Museum of Literature.

The most important thing I learned in the creation process was to work with actors. While realizing such projects, a producer must not underestimate the importance of communication – it is crucial to get the actors to know exactly what you want to express with their acting; and to motivate them into the right direction.

These are the three projects I had been assigned to, and my interpretations. Below each audio file you can find the original text (german).


Original text: Ausklinken


Das Robinson Dilemma

Original text: Das Robinson-Dilemma



Original text: Ausgenommen