Something for your ears.

Live Set for

Every semester, Bauhaus University's own radio channel broadcasts a 48 hour non stop show. Together with Lion C I played a set for the January 2015 show.


Black Mesa Incident

For a test run of the wave field synthesis sound system in the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena I created a short multi channel audio play.

The right mix

This is a compilation of my recent tracks. Again, the genre is a mix of hip-hop instrumentals and electronic beats.

Short and good – Kurzhörspiele

In the course Short and good I produced three audio plays based on scripts by anonymous participants of the literature contest of Westfalen 2012 – with the overall theme Shortcuts.

Audio-Baukasten – Peter’s Plattenvertrag

For learning purposes concerning microphones, audio equipment and recording situations, we recorded some actors of the Weimarer Nationaltheater.

Some (old) beats

Here are some of my earlier tracks. They're settled somewhere between Hip-Hop and Dubstep.

Interactive 3DAV – Looproom

For the Interactive 3DAV course I had access to my university's Virtual Reality Lab, which is equipped with a really impressive multi user realtime 3D system.