Character design: Chamron

Chamron the Chameleon is my first 3D character design. It helped me a lot to understand how to get things done with modeling, sculpting and texturing (and most important: what to avoid).


As you can see, Chamron has no eyes and his stance is a little, well, awkward. I made some topology mistakes in an early modeling stage, which I didn't notice until the modeling was 'done'. My whole model was messed up and my at-that-time-limited knowledge couldn't fix it. The result: No real textures, no rig. But I still like the character and his form. Maybe one day I'll redo him and give him a proper appearance - until then he's a demonstration of my learning path.


Some other character scribbles

Before starting the modeling process, I scribbled a bunch of different characters, based on simple shapes.