Eine bunte Mischung.


Der Icarus-Roboter

Für die beiden Vorlesungen We make machines not art von Darsha Hewitt und Tangible Programming – An Introduction von Johannes Deich baute ich einen einfachen Roboter, der ständig vor dem Licht flieht.
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My first 3D print

Having access to a 3D printer I created my first model for printing to get myself familiar with the working pipeline. I modelled a 3D version of british electronic musician and composer Aphex Twin’s logo as a gift for a friend.
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Climascope is an interactive weather app for Android phones.
You can download it for free via Play Store (sadly, the app is not availible at the moment) or visit the Climascope website.

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Bauhaus Vorkurs

Zurück zu den Grundlagen – Bauhaus Vorkurs war ein Kurs über die absolut ursprünglichen Ansätze von Layout und Design.
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Während eines Einführungskurses in die Programmierung mit Processing kreierte ich diverse kleine Programme.
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Design for action

Design for Action was a course I attended in my third semester. It was all about the process of designing interfaces, testing and improving them
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Photography course

Don’t get me wrong, I would never describe myself as a photographer. But knowing how to use a camera doesn’t hurt, so I took a basic photography course.
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Beyond the book – Libridge

What will the library of the future look like? I tried to create a concept, that combines reading with the aspects of the social web, especially for students and teachers.

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Multimedia-Programmierung mit Flash

Hier sind ein paar Flash-Applikationen, die ich im zweiten Semester programmiert habe.
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Introduction to media culture

In the second semester we had to attend a theoretical course, for which I chose Introduction to media culture.
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This is another work I’ve done in my first semester. It was part of the introduction to my program of study, where we had to choose a professorship and work on a small project in the associated environment.
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