With the mission to find life, a lonely alien scientist roams the endless vastness of space. It quickly becomes clear that he has to protect his fragile discovery from extinction.

Impact is my master's thesis and the final project for my studies within the program M.F.A. Media Art & Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. I am responsible for all visual aspects of the award-winning 3D animated short. The music was composed by Maximilian Zwiener and the sound is by Christoph Stötzer.

Impact marks a personal milestone regarding the planing and utilization of a professional production pipeline. For modeling, rigging & animation I used Blender; the textures were designed with Substance Painter. For the rendering, I relied on Cycles, following the PBR principle, which made it possible to render the whole film on just three regular consumer PCs (GPUs).

Stereoscopic version

Grab your 3D glasses and enjoy the film with additional depth!





Storyboard (Sample)