Storyboards for animated shorts

For the course Animalation I had to come up with two story ideas. I made storyboards containing eight pictures each to visualize them.


Storyboard for The Rat Glider

My first story idea was The Rat Glider. It's about a rat living  in the sewers, constantly bullied by other rats. They make fun of him, push him into the water and do other cruel stuff to him.

One evening the bullied rat sits alone beneath an open gully and watches a bunch of bats fly by. In the morning, while the other rats search the garbage for food, our protagonist instead collects tooth picks, plastic pieces, strings and rubber bands. The others bully him once again by pushing him into the water - this time after they wrap him in a plastic bag. What they didn't realize: The bag was the last piece needed for the protagonist's glider.

In the end, the rat escapes from the sewers and their mean inhabitants and starts a new life with the (nicer) bats.


Storyboard for Cowterspace

Cowterspace was my second idea. Later on I decided to stick with this story and turned it into an animated short.

If you want to know what it's about just go ahead and watch it!


View the storyboard documents with text/description (german).