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With the mission to find life, a lonely alien scientist roams the endless vastness of space. It quickly becomes clear that he has to protect his fragile discovery from extinction.


Showreel 2017

A selection of my favorite student projects at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, as well as excerpts from professional jobs.


When an old lady is under attack in her dark basement, an unexpected savior gets her out of trouble. Will her new friend get rid of the other bad guys as well?


Licht an!

Licht an! is a 13 part animated show, written and directed by Andreas Strozyk. It was produced by Bastei Media for Unser Sandmännchen.


ENE MENE BU is a children's show, where the audience's crafted objects are magically brought to life through animation.

Applaus für Felix

The children's film Applaus für Felix, directed by Matthias Eder, explains the German house of parliament (Bundestag) from the perspective of a child.

Storyboard for Scifi Educational Film

Coming up with a suitable story for a short film production of some classmates, I created an illustrated storyboard for a science fiction educational film.

A Reindeer Carol

In the summer of 2015 I completed an internship at Studio FILM BILDER in Stuttgart. I got to work on a production by Verena Fels and help animate two of her Christmas shorts.


The Icarus Bot

Combining the two classes We make machines not art by Darsha Hewitt and Tangible Programming - An Introduction by Johannes Deich I built a simple robot that is constantly fleeing the light.

3D Character Design Sketches

Some quick 3D character designs I did for my Sketch it!-class. The models do not include much detail, as it was just an early-semester exercise.


Sleepless is my second animated short and ties up my bachelor's studies as my final project. The film follows a little kid into his fantasy world trying to rescue his stuffed animal from cruel monsters.


Cowterspace is my first animated short. The story is about a cow that wants to break out of its boring and depressing every-day-life and dreams of reaching the stars.

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